Photo of Cecilia A. Garcia, she has long light brown hair and is facing the camera.

Always Forward is now
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Sgt. Emily Sanders considered herself a soldier first, but that didn't make it any easier to leave her four-year-old daughter and infant daughter behind when she left for a year-long deployment to Iraq.

Sanders' was on a routine mission when her convoy was ambushed by insurgents.

Those that survived had no choice but to leave the casualties behind. But when the unit went back to clear the vehicles and retrieve the fallen, Sanders was not one of the confirmed dead.

After eight years of searching, the military had no choice but to change her status from MIA- missing in action, to KIA, killed in action.

Tara Sanders might have been young when her mother left and never returned home, but she never believed that her mother was dead.

Tara is going back to the last place her mother was seen alive in the hopes to learn more about her mother's death.

If there was anything Tara remembered about her mother it was her motto, you only move in one direction- Always Forward.

Always Forward is a new novella and is available on Amazon through thelink here. This independent author thanks you!