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 Latest in the Always Forward Series: Carry On!

Carry On is the third novella in the Always Forward series. 

Sergeant Emily Sanders survived fifteen years as a prisoner of war. Emily lost those fifteen years of raising her daughters, who are now adults. Will she be able to be the mother they need?

 Josh, her husband, has moved on, and Josh is now at a crossroads to decide whether or not he should remain with Dina or divorce her to prove to Emily that she is his one true soul mate.

Now that she is safe in the United States, she faces new physical and mental recovery battles. Can she learn how to live her life in the present, while facing the demons of her past?


Will her family understand how to cope with living with a sexual assault survivor? And can Emily push past the survivor’s guilt that she came back to life, even though soldiers close to her died while she was missing? Only Emily can determine if she will be able to carry on with her life.


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